Hello there!  You may notice the presence of The Spartan RaceSign Up ” banner in some of my blog post. Well, it is because I signed up for the Spartan Race Affiliate Program. I got hook with Spartan Race ever since my first Spartan Race Sprint in Malaysia back on 10 October 2015. I got my first Spartan Trifecta after I completed the Spartan Super and Spartan Beast. Through Spartan Race, it reinforce my why;

My why is to inspire people to embrace the adversity of life so that they can grow living life with fulfillment. 


Signing up for the Spartan Race Affiliate program allow me to monetize my involvement in the Spartan Race directly and indirectly. I still have my day job as an engineer in the Oil and Gas industry which pay me enough to live. However, I would love to be involved outside of the engineering world, and Spartan Race is one of them! We got to have that dynamic in life to achieve the fulfillment. 


So what am I going to do with the earning? There is a saying;

Fill two needs with one deed!

I`m going to use the earning to maintain my blog which allows me to continue providing value to my beloved readers. It is to fuel the platform which allows me to share my why globally. 

I hope to help and adds value to people to achieve life fulfillment. Drop me an e-mail or you can DM me through my Instagram and Facebook if you want to find out about Spartan Race up close and personal!

Kindly share, follow and like my page for the latest update for inspiration and life tips to embrace adversity.  

Click on the banner to below to find your fire and be a Spartan! Aroo!!






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