Hello! If you follow me on my Instagram, I have been using the Spartan Race Fit Four Glove for my training. Especially when comes to obstacles specific training.

So why Fit Four?

Just look at my palm below. I got calluses, and it was ripped off. OUCH!! This is after 4 out of 8 sets of obstacles specific training like the monkey bar. After that, I had to stop for the obvious reason. Yes, it is very very painful. I cannot lift weight and some body weight training. This contributes the downtime of my workout.



I ordered the SPARTAN OCR SLIT GRIP.  I was very satisfied with the product. Ever since then, I never have the calluses ripped on my palm from my training. I had zero downtime. Overall, I am happy with the product!


Here comes the best part, the review of the product.  I will give an honest review based on recommendation score.

1: Don’t Use it!

2: Not Recommended

3: Neutral

4: Recommended

5: Highly Recommended!

I used the gloves for obstacles specific training, powerlifting and of course running the Spartan Race. You got to try it to know whether it suits you. Let us begin. 



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PRICE: $39.95

Brief Description

  • Leather with red silicone grip
  • Expandable and ribbed wrist wrap helps prevent injury while allowing wrist movement.
  • Silicone on the palm in honeycomb pattern provides extra grip and mobility.
  • Thumbless and compression fit design prevents gloves from bunching.
  • Open, minimalist gloves design allows for breathing and quick drying in wet conditions.

OBSTACLE SPECIFIC: 5 for Highly Recommended!

I used the glove for monkey bar training with multiple variations. The typical monkey bar, side to side, and so called the around the world as shown in the video below. I used it for body weight training such as pull ups, chin up, and dips. Overall, I am 100% satisfied with the fit four gloves. I can do more reps and sets without any calluses ripped on my palm. I gave it a 5 for highly recommended as it helps me to achieve zero downtime from training.




Before I joined the Spartan Tribe, I was and still am doing powerlifting. I love doing squats, deadlift and bench press. It includes isolation workout on parts of the body. I had to give the recommendation score of 3. I usually use my bare hand with chalk when I do my lifts.  However, the wrist wrap feature on the glove does help to support to the wrist joint during heavy or maximum effort lifts in pressing movements and overhead lifts. It is about the right tool for the job. So it is pretty much it is nice to have for me because I can use wrist support for the lifting.

Weight Lifting in the GYM with Fit Four

 SPARTAN RACING SCORE: 4 for Recommended!

I used the glove on the Spartan Race Super Malaysia on the 9 July 2017. The distance was 14.2km with 29 obstacles. It was a tropical and humid environment. The race includes steep hills, mud, sands, and rivers. The obstacles that put the gloves to the test were the multi-rig, rope climb, twister, bender, monkey bar and with a spice of wetness and mud. The red silicone on the palm in the honeycomb pattern provides extra grip. The minimalist concept helps on the mobility of the fingers and allow the glove to dry once is it wet and muddy. The wrist wrap contributes to keep my glove tight on my palm although it was wet and muddy. However, the water and mud do decrease the grip performance. I had to shake my hand to dry it up. I tried the typical gym glove and full covered glove before, it is not working for me. I ended up threw it away. But for this glove, I stick with it. Hence, I had to give it a 4 for recommended. Overall I am happy and satisfied with the glove performance. I ended the race with ZERO calluses on my palm.


Final Thought

Let us summarise, for obstacle specific training very highly recommended with the top score of 5 because I had zero down time from ripped calluses. For powerlifting, seem to be a nice to have with a score of 3 and I prefer to use chalk. For running the Spartan Race, I gave it a  score of 4 for recommended. This is my honest review on the SPARTAN OCR SLIT GRIP.  YOU GOT TO TRY IT YOURSELF. 

It is very durable and I am still using it after the race. I am using the glove for monkey bar training, multi-rig, rope climb and any related obstacles that can cause calluses

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