This #ASKGARYVEE Books! The first page of the cover stated One Entrepreneur’s take on Leadership Social Media and Self-Awareness! I like the design of the book. The concept is from the social media such as YouTube with “Add” and of “Share” button. Pretty cool! I got to know Gary Vaynerchuk through Instagram.

His content is awesome and practical! He dares to speak the truth which makes him realistic and at the same time he demonstrates the optimism of being an entrepreneur! One of my favourite quotes from Gary Vee;

Self-awareness is being able to accept your weaknesses while focusing all of your attention on your strengths.

What is the book about?

Fundamentally, the book is a collection of questions and answer from the #AskGaryVee show on the YouTube Channel. He also had this on his Podcast, and it is still going strong. I believe Gary Vee is trying to reach out as much audience as possible. They are people who like to listen, watch a video and of course reading.   His goal is to reach out the people who read. Gary Vee gave practical advice on being an entrepreneur and how the younger generation can use the social media as a tool to build their business, personal brand and company brand by creating content. He is sharing things he did that works which you can try it immediately.  He provides technical information and content that you can apply the next day.

Basically, the book has 22 Chapters which includes Clouds and Dirt, Starting Out, Education, Family Business, Parenting, Hustle, Content and Context, Jabs and Right Hooks, The Platforms, Facebook Ads, Influencer Marketing, Stop with Excuses!, Gratitude, Leadership, Mangement, Investing, Self-Awareness, GaryVee’s Guide to Public Speaking without shitting your pants, Music, Sports, Wine, and The personal, The Random and The Weird.

My personal favourite chapter! Self-Awareness, I read that chapter twice. This was from that chapter;

Nothing will ever happen if you don’t just step up and ask for what you want, whether it’s sale, a connection, or a reference. Just don’t forget to look out for yourself.

My three key lessons from the book

1. Everyone you know started off as an unknown until they did the thing that made them known.

#askgaryvee lesson learn from MarvinInspire

This lesson was taken from Chapter 8, Jab and Right Hooks. The punchline is you just got to start and fuel it with your passion. Gary Vee shared that every rock star or rapper was ignored until they wrote or played the song that put him on her on the chart. Every famous investor was a nobody until he or she made the investment that paid off big. Nike is just a name. The name represents inspiration and innovation for every athlete in the world. Reebok’s punchline is “Be more Human”. They are only names, however, why they do it represents the brand.

All you need to do is to start doing something! The beauty of this era is that we have the social media to scale it. You need to do something you love. You may love music, photography, fitness, books, movie and etc.  You can look at social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even WordPress as a virtual land. The question is, what are you going to build? How are you going to build it? Why do you want to build it? You just need to start!

2. What works for me doesn’t necessarily works for you!

#askgaryvee lesson learn from MarvinInspire

The lesson was taken from Chapter 17, Self-awareness. Basically, you need to know yourself.  You must know your strength and also your weakness. Let’s say you love to play basketball. You have an approximate height of 1.80 meters, and you got the skills. You definitely have the potential to be in the NBA. Let’s just say you got an approximate height of 1.50 meters and you got the skills as well. Here is the hard truth, your chances to get into NBA are lower compared to the guy with a height of 1.80meters with the equivalent skills.  So the approach and strategy to showcase their passion will be different. Who knows, the guy with the height of 1.50 meters is awesome in building business and can buy an NBA basketball team. Be aware of your passion and your skills. Once you are able to master the both, you will be unstoppable.

How to be become self-aware? One of the ways that Gary Vee shared was to ask people straight up to tell your strength and weakness. They are the five to twelve people who you know best, and he or she works with you the most. They must be brutally honest with you.  You need to be prepared for them to tell you things you may not want to hear or that you disagree with. Now, your role is to listen to their view and never ever be defensive.  That is why you have to gather a diversity of opinion.

Get yourself a thick skin. All of us hate reading bad stuff about us, but we have to learn to handle it. We have to respect it, accept it, understand it and learn from it. That is how an improvement happen.

3. Ideas are shit. Execution is the name of the game. Just Make It Happen.

#askgaryvee lesson learn from MarvinInspire

The lesson was taken from Chapter 2, Starting Out. Ideas are worthless unless it is being executed. Ideas basically are things that are not yet being made a reality. This is simple yet practical and the most truthful advice.  We all have the ideas to change the world. Yes, it is nice and thoughtful. But it means nothing without the work.

You can look at the idea as a seed. It will not grow unless you are willing to dig the soil. Put your seed on it and plant it. Every single day, you need to water and fertilised your seed. Here is the next key ingredient, patient, patient and patient. Over a period of time, it will bear fruit which you will enjoy.

Stop treating your ideas so preciously and precise. Do not overthink! Make them real. Tangible. Taste them and touch them. Get your hands dirty and work. Let the idea grow and evolve. You also need to learn to be self-aware and adjust if obstacles come in your way. Just Do.

Final Thoughts: #AskGaryVee One Entrepreneur’s Take on Leadership, Social Media and Self-Awareness

I enjoyed reading the #AskGaryVee because Gary Vaynerchuk inspires me to utilize the virtual land to build my brand. He inspired me to start MarvinInspire.  I started this Blogs to share my passion for Spartan Race, and on sharing the knowledge, I gained from readings books. I set up my Instagram page, marvininspire. I also set up my Facebook page, MarvinInspire and my Twitter, MarvinInspire. His advice is very practical with a mix of optimistic and realistic. Overall, great book! I love the book and you should get one!

Bonus Lesson

AskGaryVee Advice by MarvinInspire

Comment below to tell me what you think and feel free share with your friends and family! Just do the work and hustle! 



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