People love the feeling of being motivated, they don`t like to put in the work do something about the feeling! At the end of the day, execution is the game!!! Here are 3 key points you need to remember to make sure you execute! You just need to do it!!

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The words are the most powerful tools that created by man! If you talk negatively, it will hurt you, it will discourage you, and it will weaken you. If you talk positively, it will heal you, it will encourage you, and it will strengthen you. Your word will be made flesh. Here are 5 ways to help you to choose your words wisely.

SEA Formula of success from MarvinInspire


These are the key S.E.A formula of being successful! Self-awareness is to know where you are on your journey! It allows you to accept your weaknesses while focusing all of your attention on your strengths. Then, you got to execute to determine whether that is your weakness or your strength! Finally, you need to take accountability whether you are right and especially when you are wrong!

5 Great Leadership Attributes shared by my Father

5 Great Leadership Attributes shared by my Father. Leaders need to be visible to shows presence to the people. Leaders need to be vocal to inspire the people. Leaders need to lead by value to make the key decision. Leaders need to portray virtue which set a higher standard. Being a leader is a vocation to show the undying commitment to serve his people.

Find your passion of find your why by MarvinInspire

Find your PASSION or Find your WHY?

Typically, everyone is able to explain the WHAT and the HOW? Not many people able to articulate the WHY? Very few people know WHY they do what they do. Most people think they work because of money. But it is not about the money, money is the result. However, the Why is a purpose, cause and belief. It is bigger than what we are. It acts as an anchor of your passion. Your Why is the very purpose you exist.