Start with why with MarvinInspire!

The punchline of this website Let’s Inspire people to embrace life obstacles! I started this website to set up the foundation of my “why.”

Inspiring people to embrace obstacles!

The goal of this website is to inspire others to embrace the adversity of life. A life without adversity is a life without growth. A life without growth is a life without meaning. A life without meaning is a life not worth living.

Who is Marvin?


My name is Marvin Madang Gau from Malaysia. I am an engineer, Spartan Elite, Powerlifter, blogger and a husband. My inspiration is to have the endurance of a Spartan Elite and strength of a Powerlifter. A hybrid athlete of two extreme strength and endurance.

The Spartan Race taught me how to overcome life`s adversity. It is a great platform to push people to their limit. Powerlifting taught me strength is not about power and lifting heavy. It taught me that whenever life push you down, whatever it takes you just need to lift to get back up. I have to say it will test more than the body. When the body weakens, it will test the mind. When the mind weakens, it will test the will. When the will weakens, it will test the heart. Your heart will connect to your why.

I believe the concept of you have to win inside first, only then you can win outside. It is about the positive mindset. Through MarvinInspure, I would like to spread the positivity that is anything is possible in life by working hard and working smart to earn it.  The most important thing is to give value to you all. Remember this, positivity always win! Let’s make that jump!! 

Feel free to comments, I hope it will create a fruitful discussion that adds value to both sides. Feel free to share with your friends & family. Please show your support by liking my Facebook page and follow my Instagram!


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