#5 Minutes Truth: Pride and Fear are the greatest motivation of life!

Your why is the spark! It is your purpose. However, it means nothing without fuel. That is when MOTIVATION comes in. It is a form of fuel to light the fire. It is the desire or willingness to do something until you achieve the goal you want. Motivation fuels the engine of success. It maximises and maintains momentum until you achieve your life goal.Here are my top three quotes on motivation from Eric Thomas, Elon Musk and MarvinInspire.

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They are two type of people in the world; the “CAN” and “CAN`T.” The first type of people can achieve anything. They have the positive mindset and the CAN-do attitude. The second type of people will fail everything. They did not even start they just say it cannot be done because all the see is the failure. If you are able to handle failure well, you can keep yourself away from the CANNOT-do attitude. The question is, WHY do people have the CANNOT-do attitude? John C. Maxwell breaks it down to 4 main reasons.