I live to inspire people to embrace the adversity of life so that they can grow living life with fulfilment. That is why I Race. Let’s look at the two Spartans crossing the finish line right before the fire. One with a complete set of body, 2 arms and 2 legs. The other Spartan had 2 arms, 1 leg and crutches.

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SEA Formula of success from MarvinInspire


These are the key S.E.A formula of being successful! Self-awareness is to know where you are on your journey! It allows you to accept your weaknesses while focusing all of your attention on your strengths. Then, you got to execute to determine whether that is your weakness or your strength! Finally, you need to take accountability whether you are right and especially when you are wrong!

5 Great Leadership Attributes shared by my Father

5 Great Leadership Attributes shared by my Father. Leaders need to be visible to shows presence to the people. Leaders need to be vocal to inspire the people. Leaders need to lead by value to make the key decision. Leaders need to portray virtue which set a higher standard. Being a leader is a vocation to show the undying commitment to serve his people.

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The 5 Destructive effects of Fear.

The 5 Destructive effects of Fear. If you give in to fear, it breeds more fear. Fear will cause you not to take action. Fear will weaken you to move forward. Fear waste your energy, and it fears limits your potential from greatness. Never give in to fear and overcome that fear you have all this while.