How does Spartan Race fortify your mindset for greatness? #SpartanUp

When you heard the word Spartans, you may remember the movie titled The 300. The 300 Spartans that fought against the massive army of Persian to protect their homeland, Sparta. Now we have the Spartan RaceIt is one of the fastest growing sport and obstacle race that begins in the US and now it is all over the world. I am so glad they have it in Malaysia too. 

Spartan Race Wall.jpg
Spartan Race participants showing Camaraderie 

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Hello dear readers, this is the second part of the Spartan OCR Slit Leather Gloves. I posted the first part of the review which covers Obstacles Specific Training and Powerlifting. Let us recapped.  I will give an honest review based on recommendation score below. This is my personal opinion about the Spartan OCR Slit Leather.

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How did I become the Fit Four Ambassador? #4EasySteps

I have been trying quite a number of gloves to suit my obstacles specific training. Why? I always get my calluses ripped, and it bleeds. Which cause downtime from workout. I came across Fit Four gloves. They are the official gloves for Spartan Race. I bought the Spartan Race OCR Slit Grip Gloves, and I have been using it quite frequently for my obstacle training. The training includes pull-ups, chin-up, monkey bars and rope climb. I simply love it! Please check their website, FIT FOUR GLOVES if you want to order one for yourself.

Here is the big question!

How did I become the Fit Four Ambassador?

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How do I prepare for Spartan Race?

The A-Frame

We heard of a marathon, duathlon, and triathlon. These are the typical endurance sports events. Now, there is an increasingly popular endurance race called The Spartan Race. It is categorized as Obstacle Course Race, in short, OCR. It is an endurance race that challenges your mental, physical limit with multiple environments. It could be at the jungle, hills, mountains, snow, tropical forest, and even in the desert. In between the courses, they are obstacles you need to complete. In every Spartan race, you will expect mud and barbed wire, robes, stones and spears. So do not ever expect to be clean at the finish line of The Spartan Race.

I completed my first Trifecta Last year. Spartan Race is relatively new in the Asia market. The first Spartan Race in Asia was organized in Malaysia on the 10 October 2015. I believe they were “testing the water” that time and it was a great success. Now I can see Spartan Race community is growing rapidly throughout Malaysia and in the Asia region. I am proud to be part of the community.

My first Spartan Trifecta

I am going to share a little background about myself. Running long distances was not my thing. I am a powerlifter by background. I love to lifts like squat, bench press and deadlift.  I workout focus more on growth in strength and power. However, I am embarking on a journey to do both strength and endurance. In other words, being a hybrid athlete and with a spice of callisthenics. I am still learning and seeking advice from friends who are in the fitness industry and doing my own homework.  So, how do I prepare for Spartan Race?

My fitness journey begins with Powerlifting

The Spartan Coordinators do not release the course map to competitors beforehand, there’s no way of knowing exactly what you need to prepare for. You have to be ready for anything. Regardless of what the obstacles are, your endurance, speed, and upper and lower body strength is going to be tested to the limit. If you want to be competitive, you may need to have to include all these components of fitness into your training routine.

These are my 7 Spartan Race Training Components.

1. You got to love Burpee.

Burpee is the bread and butter of every athlete that runs The Spartan Race. If you failed an obstacle, you must complete 30 burpees. There are some mandatory obstacles, which you must do such as the bucket carry, sandbag carry, A-frame and etc. I usually perform burpee as my finisher workout, superset workout and during a run like every one kilometre I will do 15 to 30 reps of burpees.


2. Endurance Training.

The distances for Spartan Sprint is 5km+ with 20+obstacles, Spartan Super is 13km+ with 25+obstacles, and Spartan Beast is 21km+ with 30+obstacles. It is very different from running a Marathon. The obstacles in between will mess your running pace, and it is worst is if you fail the obstacles. The 30 burpees are going to burn your legs.  To get ready for the distance, I usually run at least one long (more than 10km) run per week. 3 weeks before a race, I increase the distance (12km to 21km) and the number of runs. To spice it up, sometimes I do 15 to 30 burpees every 1 to 2 kilometres. If you are preparing for an Ultra Beast with a distance of 42km and 50+obstacles, you got to train longer and harder.

3. Trail and Hills Training

The only thing to expect is the unexpected. Spartan Race is always held close to nature. Expect to face nasty hills, rocky terrain, muddy path and cold river. Hence, same goes for your training. Hill and trail running should be a must in your training.

It is quite challenging for me to find a hill to train that is close to my place. So I usually run on the highest incline of the treadmill, and at times I will carry the 60lbs Spartan Pan Cake. I usually run at the beach and not so much on the tar road. If you got hill that is close to your place, you should that the opportunity to train there.

4.  HIIT and Interval training.

The obstacles between the race will affect your running pace.  It was worst when you failed, and you had to do burpees. So how can we train for this scenario? You can include interval training, and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). These training increases your heart rate. Increasing your heart rate allow you to raise your anaerobic threshold.

Interval run is done by changing the running pace with the right interval duration.  What I usually do, for longer intervals, decrease your speed. For shorter intervals, increase your speed. For every one kilometre mark, I sprint as fast as I can then I proceed to jog until the next kilometre. Another way to mix things up is to do 15 to 30 burpees every one kilometre of your run.

I love to do HIIT with weights. One of my favourite, barbell complex. It is a continuous movement with a short period of time. It may include back squat, overhead press, bent over row and deadlift. One of my typical routine sets are 225lb back squat, pull-ups, burpees and neutral chin up. The goal is to push your body in an anaerobic mode and recover from it as quickly as possible to continue your running pace.

5. Powerlifting and Callisthenics

Working on your upper and lower body is essential. You might have to climb over a wall, carry a sandbag uphill, climb across monkey bars, do a Hercules hoist, crawl under barbed wire, bucket carry, Atlas carry and more. Typically, powerlifting main lifts are back squat, deadlift and bench press. These workouts will help to build your lower body strength a lot. For callisthenics, being great in your pull-ups, chin up, monkey bar, and robe climbing is a tremendous asset.  Invest some time to work in both powerlifting and callisthenics in your training week.


6.  Listen to your body and rest!

Listen to your body. At times, you may experience fatigue and exhaustion. Then, you got no mood to workout. There could be two main reasons. One, you do not have enough sleep. And two, you do not have a rest day. Make sure you give yourself at least 1 to 2 full rest days per week to allow your body to make necessary adaptations and recovery. Make sure you give yourself 7 to 8 hours sleep. Muscle is not built during the workout, it grows when you are sleeping. Rest is very very important to improve your fitness, maximising your results, and preventing injuries. Look through your workout program.

7. Go for a chiropractic and a massage to enhance recovery.

We send our car to service routinely. Probably, every 6 months or every 10,000km mileage.  Similar to our body, we push our body during our workout. We also need to “service” our body. I usually go for a chiropractic adjustment once a month. Chiropractic helps me to place my body in the proper position that then allows the body to heal itself. It relieves and losses my joints! Massage relieves the muscles which will speed up recovery and healing. It helps to relieve the Delayed onset muscle soreness! Yes, the painful DOMS! Please invest some time and money in a chiropractic appointment and a massage. It allows your body to work efficiently with less injury downtime.

Train smart. Eat right. Rest well. Sleep enough. Race hard!

Here are My Sample Spartan Race Workout Routines.

Sample Spartan Race Workout Schedule:

  • Monday – Powerlifting workout (Squat + Bench)
  • Tuesday – Endurance Run
  • Wednesday – Interval Run (Speed) + Obstacle Training
  • Thursday – Rest
  • Friday – Powerlifting workout (Deadlift)
  • Saturday – Interval Run (Burpee per km)
  • Sunday – Rest

When you schedule your workout, here are the things that you always need to consider;

  • Be flexible, it may be depending on your day job and weather.
  • Balance the schedule between strength and endurance.
  • Balance the schedule between the upper body and lower body.
  • Listen to your body and learn to rest.




This is one of my favourite picture from The Reebok Spartan Race.  People often ask me, why do you race? My question to you why do you not race? The question “Why do you Race?” is a great metaphor of “Why do you live?”

File_000 (9)

I live to inspire people to embrace the adversity of life so that they can grow living life with fulfilment. That is why I Race. Let’s look at the two Spartans crossing the finish line right before the fire. One with a complete set of body, 2 arms and 2 legs. The other Spartan had 2 arms, 1 leg and crutches. Physically, they are different. However, both of them has the fire of a Spartan to beat all the life adversity.

The question is who has the most fire? At first glance, probably the one with crutches may have the most fire. However, I believe both of them has a different story to tell. One of them could be physically challenged which we can observe. One of them could be an emotional challenge which we cannot observe. At the end of the day, both of them has their own setback. But they cross the finish line! That is when it really counts! Here is the secret,  it is not about the setback. It is how you respond to your setback. All it takes is action! They make the decision to take action to break their setback. Instead of complaining about it and do nothing at all. They decide to take the positive attitude to matter how life hit them! That is the fire each of us needs to have!

The only disability in life is a bad attitude~ Scott Hamilton

My question to you my beloved readers, what are the setbacks you need to deal everyday? Have you found your fire? In other words, have your discover your why? How strong your fire to break the life obstacle? It is good to learn to embrace your fire, you will be impressed how far you can achieve despite all the setback. That is how life roll! All it takes is action, then the fire will ignite!

find your fire we are spartan



Sign up for The Spartan Time Trials!

It is a 1k all out Sprint to the finish line with obstacles coming at you as fast as your heart rate. The course itself packs the same challenges as the Sprint, but for athletes that want all of the adrenaline in a quarter of the time. Think the sprint on some serious pre-workout.

Come out and test yourself in a different type of event with the same type of Grit seen at any Spartan Race. There will be minimal mud for maximum speed, set up for beginners and advanced racers alike. The Top 20 will advance to a final round showdown.

Racers will Receive:

  • $49 Entry – Includes Insurance
  • Limited Edition Dog Tag
  • One Sandwich and Beverage
  • Free Bag Check & Parking
  • Free Spectator Tickets
  • Top 3 Male and Females will Receive Awards



















Hello there!  You may notice the presence of The Spartan RaceSign Up ” banner in some of my blog post. Well, it is because I signed up for the Spartan Race Affiliate Program. I got hook with Spartan Race ever since my first Spartan Race Sprint in Malaysia back on 10 October 2015. I got my first Spartan Trifecta after I completed the Spartan Super and Spartan Beast. Through Spartan Race, it reinforce my why;

My why is to inspire people to embrace the adversity of life so that they can grow living life with fulfillment. 


Signing up for the Spartan Race Affiliate program allow me to monetize my involvement in the Spartan Race directly and indirectly. I still have my day job as an engineer in the Oil and Gas industry which pay me enough to live. However, I would love to be involved outside of the engineering world, and Spartan Race is one of them! We got to have that dynamic in life to achieve the fulfillment. 


So what am I going to do with the earning? There is a saying;

Fill two needs with one deed!

I`m going to use the earning to maintain my blog which allows me to continue providing value to my beloved readers. It is to fuel the platform which allows me to share my why globally. 

I hope to help and adds value to people to achieve life fulfillment. Drop me an e-mail or you can DM me through my Instagram and Facebook if you want to find out about Spartan Race up close and personal!

Kindly share, follow and like my page for the latest update for inspiration and life tips to embrace adversity.  

Click on the banner to below to find your fire and be a Spartan! Aroo!!






The BURPEE is the bread and butter for every Spartan Racer! Every time Spartans failed an obstacle, they are required to do 30 burpees! If not, they are disqualified from the race! So, if you want to join the Spartan Race, you need to be burpee proof!

Spartan Tip: Commit to do a minimum of 30 burpees per day! 

Burpee is a full body workout! It will burn fat, build endurance and works your entire body so hard that exhausted athletes have been known to stop mid-burpee workout and, be huffing and puffing, use what little breath they can muster to curse profusely. Like pushups and jumping jacks, the humble bodyweight exercise can be done virtually anywhere, at any interval, with absolutely no equipment necessary except a functioning cardiovascular system and a strong stomach.

Burpee was created by a physiologist by the name Royal Huddleston Burpee. Yes, Burpee was his last name. In his 1940 book, “Seven Quickly Administered Tests of Physical Activity,” Burpee wrote about a four-count move that could check the state of a person’s everyday fitness. The original exercise:

  1. Squat with both hands on the floor in front of you.
  2. Kick your feet back behind you, so you’re in plank position.
  3. Jump your feet forward again.
  4. Return to standing position.
The Original Burpee

After some period of time, the burpee evolved into a six-count torture device with two key additions: dropping to a pushup after the plank and finishing with a forceful jump up into the air, arms straight above your head. These two steps increase the difficulty of the workout! It will burn your legs more!

The Spartan Burpee are the following;

  1. Drop into a squat position with your hands on the ground.
  2. Kick your feet back and assume the front plank position.
  3.  Lower your chest to the ground and back up to complete push up.
  4. Return to the squat position in one quick motion.
  5. Jump vertically as high as possible.
  6. Back to step 1 until 30 Burpees!!

Let us look at different perspective. What if I say there is no failure there are only burpees. It means if you encounter an obstacle, you choose either one! If you failed the obstacles, just drop and do the burpee!

However, there are also mandatory obstacles for Spartan RaceIt means you MUST do it! Generally, the obstacles involved carries or crawls. If you fail any of these obstacles you need to restart the obstacle If you are not able to complete the obstacle, you must turn in your timing chip to a course marshal or official. Basically, you are disqualified from the race!

The Mandatory Obstacles are the following;

  • Bucket Brigade
  • Mud Crawl
  • Sandbag Carry
  • Log Carry
  • Swim
  • Spider Web
  • Farmers Carry
  • Jump Rope
  • Jerry Can Carry
  • Push Ups
  • Box Jumps

Spartan Tip: Take your time to complete it! If you`re in the Open category. Do not be afraid to seek help. If you are in the Elite category, you better train for it! You are an Elite Spartan for a reason right?

The Spartan Race post up a challenge! The 31-Burpee Challenge. I took up the challenge! I need at least 31 burpees a day for 31 days. I need to take a picture or short video and post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #31BurpeeChallenge. I post all my video on my Instagram account.

So Why 31? As anyone who’s run a Spartan race knows, if you can’t complete an obstacle, you get sent to the penalty box and must complete 30 burpees before moving on. Doing extra 1 burpee is better!  So, 31 Burpees! Check out my burpee video below!

Come and join The Reebok Spartan Race to embrace the adversity of life. A life without adversity is a life without growth. A life without growth is a life without meaning.