5 Ways to overcome Discouragement!!

Sustaining a positive attitude while living life is very similar to running the SPARTAN RACE. There are obstacles you need to overcome in the race. These can be the negative events that can challenge your attitude.  There are 5 obstacles that we need to face in our lifetime. There are discouragement, change, problem, fear and failure. For now, I am going to cover discouragement.

If you let discouragement get inside you, it can conquer you from the inside out, and it will prevent you from achieving the success you desire.

Every individual gets discouraged from time to time. I am very sure we all have that one day, things do not go your way. They are also people around you that drain you with negative thoughts. They are toxic people that we need to stay away. As we get older, there are things get harder, and there are things get easier. That is what make life interesting!  This is known as growth!

Basically, there are two types of people when it comes to deal with discouragement. There are splatters and bouncers.  A splatter will hit the ground hard, they fall apart, and they stick at the bottom. A bouncer will hit the ground hard too. The difference is they pull together and bounce back. So, which one are you?  Here are the steps to be a bouncer.

  1. Get the right perspective

Take a good look at the whole picture. No matter how difficult things may be, there is always a reason to hope. Take a short look at the problem. Once we assess the problem, we need to focus on the solution. Assess yourself. Are you responding or reacting? Learn from successful people. Most of the successful people have one common trait. It is persistence! Check out people like Michael Jordan, Jack Ma and Dwayne Johnson known as The Rock. These people have been through the tough journey and achieve greatness.

2. See the right people

They are toxic people who drain you. They are tonic people who inspire you. Meet the right people, they will lift you up. Stay away from toxic people, they will not help to lift you up. Most of the time they will complain and find ways to discourage you. Tonic people are the one can give you hope. They can be your accountability partner of your performance. They keep track on what matters in life. There is a saying, “Show me your 5 closest friends and I will show you your future.

3. Use positive word

Another source of discouragement is self-talk. The Bible stated, “The word was made flesh…” Use positive word to convince yourself that this discouragement can be overcome. Dr. Eric Thomas favourite line; I CAN. I WILL. I MUST! Instead of saying, I hate my life! Say, this is interesting. How can I change that? You are what you say.

4. Have the right expectation.

Expectation needs to be realistic. In other words, remain flexible, and you cannot expect everything to go perfectly.  Unrealistic expectation will feed your discouragement. Keep it flexible! Positive perfectionists, set realistic goals and forgive themselves when they fall shorts.

5. Make the right decision.

This is the toughest part. The decision made will have a huge impact on our outlook. It is always important to make the right decision. A wrong decision will lead to more discouragement on us. This comes with experience. Over a period of time, we will learn and grow. The action is always the key!

When you face discouragement, you can do two things, and the one you choose will colour your perspective. You can look at others to place the blame, or you can look at yourself to discover your opportunities. The choice is yours!

The content was taken from the Difference Maker, written by John C. Maxwell and with a spice of my thought. Definitely, a book to read and highly recommended for those who want to learn to manage their attitude.



4 things ATTITUDE CAN do for you in LIFE!

In my previous post, I wrote about The things that Attitude CANNOT do for you. Let us focus on is one the other side of the coin. The things that attitude CAN do for you.

 A positive mental attitude will not let you do everything. But it can help you do anything better than you would if your attitude were negative!

1. It makes a difference in your approach life

Life has a way to give you whatever you expect from it. If you expect good things, you often receive them. If you expect bad things, those are what you will get. It goes back to the perspective on your life journey. The happiest person in life does not necessarily have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything.

The hard hit that I got was during my late Father was called by the God. That was the most affected hit I got from life. Crying about it will not change the fact that he is not with us anymore. I build the courage to look at the bright side. I realised life has a special way of creating a person character. There is a saying YOLO: You Only Live Once. You live every day when you wake up. Let me change that, YODO: You Only Die Once.  Approach life with gratitude and happiest, your life will be amazing.

my late father
With my late daddy, miss him so much!

2. It makes a difference in your relationship with people

The human being is designed to live in a community. That is the way human survived since the stone age until today in the modern world. Hence, having a good relationship with people is one of the key criteria to be a successful person. Develop trust with a positive mind and most importantly with consistent.

T.E.A.M = Together Everyone Achieve More.

Being a process engineer require me to collaborate with other engineers to deliver a specific project. I need to work with operation engineer, mechanical engineer, Process Automation Control and Optimisation(PACO) engineer and the list go on. With the strong relationship, the task can be delivered efficiently.

3. It makes a difference in how you face challenges

I believe the best way to grow is to face adversity. In life, there always will be obstacles, challenges, problems and failures. There are inevitable. You either choose to stay down to get up. It is all based on your attitude. Every challenge has an opportunity. Every opportunity has a challenge. A person`s attitude determine how she handles those!  There is a saying before “ No society has ever developed tough men during times of peace.”

Obstacle one of the reasons I race the SPARTAN RACE. I want to program my mind that every obstacles can be overcome. All I need to do is focus on the finish line and sustain the positive attitude throughout the run. This year of 2017, I will join Spartan Sprint, Spartan Super and Spartan Beast to complete my second Trifecta!

Sand Carry.PNG
Sand Carry from  Spartan Beast!

4. It is the difference maker

There is connection between people`s thoughts and feeling and their health.  Many people have written about the power of positive attitude on health and mind. Medical personnel say they have seen a positive correlation between people`s attitude and their ability to recover from illness such as cancer.  Keeping a positive mind and keep a healthy body.Poet Jon Milton wrote;

The mind is its own place, and it itself. Can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.

Your attitude has an enormous influence on how you see the world. Hence, it affects how you live your life.

SPARTAN RACE is an obstacles course with long runs. Some people asked me, “Why are you paying to torture yourself?” “Save you money so that you can buy house?” and “For what?” Their attitude on SPARTAN RACE is making a hell of heaven. For me, I said it is an investment, a way to build my character and a way to be fit and healthy. I make SPARTAN RACE heaven of hell. I believe it is an investment for my personal development for the long term.

Taking down one obstacle at a time!!

Attitude is definitely a difference maker!

The content was taken from the Difference Makerwritten by John C. Maxwell and a spice of my experience. Definitely, a book to read and highly recommended for those who want to learn to manage their attitude.

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